Complete our Tinnitus Reaction Questionnaire (TRQ) and receive a mail in rebate on your Neuromonics’ purchase!

Rebate Amounts (proof of purchase necessary to qualify for mail in rebate):

Oasis - $600.00
Haven - $300.00
Sanctuary - $150.00

This promo will end March 15 2016. Please call 1-866-606-3876 to obtain more information and to get a detailed listing of the nearest Neuromonics’ providers in your area!

About Tinnitus

Do you have ringing in your ears? Or does it sound more like a hum? Either way, you are experiencing tinnitus symptoms. Learn more about this condition and how Neuromonics’ line of products can help you.

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Tinnitus Treatment Options

Whether you are a patient or an audiologist, Neuromonics’ products and treatments can help you and your patients. Find out about the different devices and services available from Neuromonics, and how they can fit easily into your practice –and your patients’ lives.

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Neuromonics News


For a long time it was believe caffeine could cause or make tinnitus symptoms worse but some of the latest research now indicates caffeine consumption could actually reduce your risk of developing tinnitus. Have you noticed a correlation between your tinnitus symptoms and caffeine consumption? ‪#‎NationalCoffeeDay‬

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Are Your Patients Suffering From Tinnitus?

Tinnitus treatment can be a strong offering in your practice. At one of these Neuromonics seminars, you will achieve a comprehensive understanding of tinnitus neurophysiology and then see how best to fit patients with Neuromonics’ products. Set your practice apart from the crowd by offering this innovative and effective treatment. What: Tinnitus Patient Management Seminar […]

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How Do I Get Started Offering Tinnitus Management Services in my Practice?

Read the story in Audiology Online here.

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