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The Neuromonics Oasis saved my life

My story started in 2011. I woke up with a ringing in my ear that was faint, but annoying. In two weeks’ time, it developed into a constant, loud, high-pitch screeching. It has traveled to the other ear and sometimes felt like it was in my entire head. Neuromonics Oasis saved my life!!

Sophia’s Story

I was told that nothing could be done for my tinnitus by my ENT and that I needed to live with it for the rest of my life. I am a “non-standard” tinnitus patient in that I developed tinnitus as the result of an acoustic neuroma (vestibular schwannoma). The tinnitus became worse after surgery and I also developed a sympathetic tinnitus in my good ear. I used to feel tortured by the non-stop loud sound. I had difficulty relaxing and falling asleep because of the tinnitus.

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Simon’s Story

The tinnitus came first. I was in my last year of high school when I first noticed it – just a high pitched noise that came and went. I didn’t know what caused it, as I didn’t go to rock concerts or night clubs and I was never near any kind of noisy machinery as a child. At first, I didn’t go to the doctor because it wasn’t so bad at that time.

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