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Janet’s Story

I love my job as a first-grade teacher. In 30 seconds, my life changed when I had a headache that was unbelievable. Two days later, I found out that I had a sudden hearing loss in the right ear and then the ringing. That loud, annoying ringing in my ears was so hard to take. The doctor put me on steroids and then told me to live with the ringing. I couldn’t stand it. I saw a tinnitus specialist and she suggested Neuromonics. I had to do something.

After nine months of using the Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment, I got my life back and I am loving my job even more. I find it easier to concentrate at my job and can sleep through the night.

I have control of tinnitus and it does not have control of me!

Chris’ Story

When landscape gardener Chris Booth went out to meet up with friends for a drink one night 20 years ago, he didn’t realize that it was a journey that would change his life. On the way there, a drunk driver ran into him head-on. Chris was thrown into the windshield, bashing his head on the steering wheel on the way through. While he recovered quickly from the physical injuries, he believes the accident was the start of a lifetime of tinnitus.

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Patricia Harrington, Au.D.

For more than 30 years, Patricia Harrington, Au.D., has been treating many types of hearing problems at her practice in Largo, FL ( Her interest and treatment of tinnitus started in 2009 after seeing more and more reports of tinnitus across the country.

“The underlying audiological issues of tinnitus were just beginning to be understood,” says Harrington. “There so much more research into tinnitus now than just five years ago. It’s a growing field.”