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Thanks Neuromonics

My husband has suffered from severe tinnitus for many decades

My husband has suffered from severe tinnitus for many decades, and we have tried everything from essential oils, to massage of pressure points, to medication and nothing has helped. The pain and constant screeching sound was getting almost intolerable.He was even waking up in the middle of the night with the ringing and pain.

Our daughter researched and found Neuromonics and we discovered the iPhone app, Tinnitus Alleviator, and purchased it after the free trial period.

I can’t say my husband’s ringing has been cured, but after about 5 months of listening to the app music tracks for 2 hours a day, the tinnitus has been greatly reduced to a much more tolerable level!

We are very grateful for Neuromonics and hope after more usage of the music app, the ringing will continue to abate. We don’t expect a “cure” but we are grateful for the lessening of the ringing.

Thanks Neuromonics!!

Marjorie Stradinger Tinnitus Alleviator User Tinnitus Alleviator | by Neuromonics Wednesday May 10th, 2017