The Neuromonics Sanctuary is a treatment that can help stop the ringing in your ears with relaxing music. Recapture the everyday moments in your life with this breakthrough mild tinnitus treatment.


Relief when you need it, where you need it.

Finally, those needing on-demand relief from the ringing in their ears have an option:  the Sanctuary™ from Neuromonics.

Tinnitus symptoms can surface when you least expect it – at work, in the car, during moments with your family. In fact, not knowing when tinnitus will strike can be its greatest torment.

Now, with the Sanctuary, immediate relief – a halt to the ringing in the ears – is moments away.

The Sanctuary functions much like digital consumer music players and fits easily into patients’ lifestyles. The Sanctuary blends high-frequency signals with music to provide on-demand and on-the-go relief to the sufferer.

The Sanctuary is designed for situational relief. In contrast, the Neuromonics Oasis device is a long-term treatment program.

Those who can benefit:

  • Those whose tinnitus is troublesome in certain situations.
  • Those seeking a tinnitus management strategy as opposed to a long-term treatment program.

With the Sanctuary, tinnitus sufferers choose from one of three pre-programmed profiles to find the signal that provides the greatest degree of relief from their particular tinnitus symptoms.

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