A little training never hurt anyone

A few blog posts back, I mentioned how I found myself more of an educator than a CEO in my new role at Neuromonics. Now several months later, it remains the same. We take a lot of pride in our products, and are very happy to share our findings and treatments with audiologists and the hearing community at large.

To that end, we recently held a very successful training seminar here in the Denver area. Several experienced members of our team shared their knowledge of tinnitus treatments, conducted training on our new line of Neuromonics products, and shared details on how those devices are changing lives. With each product introduction, effective tinnitus treatment is getting easier and easier to access and use. That empowers the provider to deliver greater care and treatment to those who are suffering.

One of the points I like to share with audiologists is that there are both financial and emotional rewards for treating tinnitus. Emotionally, the impact of watching patients progress and minimize the effect their tinnitus has on them is tremendous. Financially, a tinnitus specialty can be lucrative today. In particular, when providers work with Neuromonics on implementing productive protocols and selecting the right device for patients, you have a home run.

Because we see the continued need to spread the word about how possible it is to treat tinnitus effectively, and how doing so can be financially successful to providers, we plan to hold similar seminars around the country. Keep an eye on our website and on our provider communications for a training session in a city near you. If you are not receiving regular communications from us, email info@neuromonics.com.