Sophia’s Story

I was told that nothing could be done for my tinnitus by my ENT and that I needed to live with it for the rest of my life. I am a “non-standard” tinnitus patient in that I developed tinnitus as the result of an acoustic neuroma (vestibular schwannoma). The tinnitus became worse after surgery and I also developed a sympathetic tinnitus in my good ear. I used to feel tortured by the non-stop loud sound. I had difficulty relaxing and falling asleep because of the tinnitus.

Neuromonics has helped place my tinnitus in the background of my awareness and it is no longer on center stage of my life.

After six months of treatment, my tinnitus rarely bothers me and the tinnitus volume is much quieter in both ears. I am very thankful for the help that I received from Neuromonics and my clinicians. They make a great team and they have made a positive impact in my life and my family’s life, since I am a much happier and well-rested mom. Being able to get the restorative sleep I needed after having cranial surgery has made a huge difference in my recovery. I would recommend this treatment to anyone suffering from tinnitus, especially my fellow acoustic neuroma survivors.