The Longevity Economy

The Baby-Boomer generation reached retirement age relatively recently. Now, those who were part of the “Summer of Love, Vietnam and Woodstock” are beginning to feel the effects of their age. It’s a big slice of the American people. It’s also a big challenge (and big potential market) for audiologists called upon to solve the problems that a lifetime of exposure to loud noises has created.

I had the pleasure to share some observations on this growing part of society at a recent AARP meeting in Boston. “The Longevity Economy – Generating economic growth and new opportunities for business” provided those of us in attendance an idea of what to expect in terms of economic activity for Americans over 50 – what type of products and services they need and how will they spend their money.

Now is the time to gear up for the wave of potential patients who will need care for their failing hearing, which will undoubtedly include tinnitus. As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, if you’re an audiologist who can effectively help those with tinnitus, now is the time to get your name out. Learn ways to become a known expert for treating a variety of hearing loss problems, including tinnitus. The market is there waiting for you to treat it.