At last, a tinnitus treatment with long-term relief

The next-generation Neuromonics Oasis™ is the FDA-cleared, patented and clinically proven medical device with documented long-term relief of tinnitus. Using this customized tinnitus treatment, you can be on your way to significant relief from ringing in your ears.

Much more than a tinnitus retraining therapy

The Neuromonics Oasis is prescribed by a trained audiologist and is easy to use. It resembles a small, digital consumer music player. Your audiologist will program the device with a customized tone that desensitizes you to the sounds of tinnitus.
The Oasis works with the Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment (NTT). The program treats the underlying causes of tinnitus. It helps the brain overcome the initial damage caused to the auditory system and reduces the brain’s interpretation of tinnitus sounds as harmful.
The NTT is not a tinnitus retraining therapy, but a comprehensive program that can provide long-term relief under the care of a trained audiologist.

Key features of the next-generation Oasis tinnitus treatment

  • In-office fitting via NOAH interface, enabling same-day fitting for patients
  • Additional music selections over previous Oasis version
  • Micro-USB for easy charging and data transfer
  • Easy to use, convenient
  • Treatment program of six to eight months in duration
  • In-depth tinnitus assessment
  • Coordinated follow-up visits
  • Backed by more than 15 years of research and clinical efficacy data
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